Full of Tao enterprises character, Wrigley tile to create an overseas display experience museum

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With the national "area along the way" strategy to promote the community on the "area along the way" reached the peak of attention, the global economic recovery and the rising domestic production costs, "going out" to participate in global competition, share economic dividends become Less business consensus. By the China Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and the Foshan municipal government jointly China Plastic Group in Sydney, Australia set up Foshan Pan home brand products (Australia) show experience museum, referred to as "Australia Pavilion". June 8, 2017, held in the Australian Pavilion grand opening ceremony, Wrigley tiles as one of the ceramic industry in Foshan, one of the fierce competition in the international market breakthrough in the encirclement, fortunate to participate in the Australian Museum of Foshan local ceramic enterprise character, to create Wrigley tiles first overseas exhibition experience museum, to accelerate the Wrigley tiles international brand strategy to enhance the new international cooperation platform to open the Wrigley tile new opportunities!

Australian and Chinese government representatives for the center of the ribbon cut 

China Textile Group Holdings Co., Ltd. is China's large-scale building materials industry group, Qingli build home, building materials, hardware, global sales service platform for the majority of pan-home enterprises to provide a broad platform to resist China's domestic industry to the international home. The Wrigley Tiles and China Plastic Group Holdings Co., Ltd. signed in the fierce competition in the international market in the tight encirclement, the output of Chinese corporate culture, enhance the performance of Chinese brand competitiveness.

Wrigley Tiles Division General Manager Wang Wei (right)

Wrigley Tiles and China Union Plastic Group Holdings Limited signing ceremony

Based on China, do the nation's world brand
Wrigley tiles since the brand has been created, always with the Italian design concept for the brand soul, adhering to the "music to enjoy the top space" concept, in-depth discussion of the natural needs of living space space, adhere to the "scientific design, Seiko secret agents, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" The quality of the policy, to obtain the maximum value of consumer awareness.
Ten years as one day on the quality of the insistence, so that Wrigley tiles in the minds of consumers deeply rooted, led the Wrigley tile thriving development track, the achievements of the Wrigley tiles unshakable market value. It is not only Wrigley tiles based on China, to the grand goal of the world, but also entrusted with Wrigley tile for more and more people to enjoy the "music to enjoy the top space," the beautiful ideal.

Foshan city officials focus on Wrigley tiles

Sydney Foshan Pan home brand products experience experience Museum Wrigley tile pavilion

Look at the world, and international standards
Wrigley tiles the ultimate goal is not already intensive farming market. Based on the local, out of the country is king. Wrigley tiles actively introduce foreign technology and production equipment, a full set of products and Wrigley tile core production equipment are derived from the original Italian design and import, to maintain their own tiles to achieve international level. Each year, we participate regularly in the Industrial Ceramics Fair in Bologna, Italy, and the Industrial Ceramics Fair in Milan, the world's highest level exhibition. To speed up the process of international brand, Wrigley tile in 2014 signed Lang Lang as a brand spokesperson. Lang Lang is not only an internationally renowned musician, but also China's United Nations peace ambassador, bear in the international promotion of important positive energy image.

Australia Sydney Foshan Pan home brand products experience experience Wrigley Tile Pavilion
From China to lead the brand to the international, so that the Chinese ceramics to win the respect of the world, the establishment of the Foshan in Foshan Pan home brand product experience experience museum is a good opportunity to enter the enterprise we are very confident that the future, Wrigley tiles will strengthen the international Cooperation; shoulder the responsibility of large enterprises, relying on China's intellectual and global strength, research and development to produce more in line with international high-end consumer trends of quality products, let the world see the king of Chinese enterprises strength.

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